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Katastrophe Katastrophe

The Worst Amazing is Katastrophe's third full length release and finest work to date. This album is a snap shot of the end of adolescence and the precipice of adulthood.

The songs are intricately crafted tales of anarchy, revolution, peace and the constant search for hope. The verses are dense labyrinths of tongue twisted word play, while the hooks are polished pop and serve as the grounding force for each of these stories.

At times, Katastrophe's crooning is reminiscent of a chain-smoking, whiskey drinking, soul singer and other times his voice is as smooth and rich as a bedroom r&b singer. This emcee's rat-a-tat machine gun flow lends itself to each track as if it were another percussion instrument. His cadence and voice are like volcanic eruptions conveying the urgency of every word and breath, spilling over each 16 bar verse.

Tracks like "'til it's gone" and "halfway happy" offer a laid back, jazzy, classic 90s era kind of beat with a message that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, while "tonight" and "big deal" are tongue-in-cheek dance tracks that will set any crowd in motion.

This album is a journey through the mind of an analytical young man that doesn't just want to make music, but wants to affect change in the lives of everyone who listens to his syncopated cry.

The Life (from fault, lies & faultlines)


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