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Jews and Catholics
Upcoming Release: Who Are? We Think We Are!
Release Date: 05/25/2010

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Who Are? We Think We Are! CD - $10.00

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God's Trash CD - $8.00
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Initially, a guy with a guitar and a girl with an upright bass might not seem like the ingredients for a loud, raucous and fully-formed band. Alanna Meltzer and Eddie Garcia disprove this notion. The pair makes more noise than you might expect from a duo, and where two instruments and two musicians meet, a collision of sound emerges like a sonic stampede. On the band’s Mitch Easter produced debut, Who Are? We Think We Are!, Meltzer and Garcia rumble and roar with the subtle, nuanced rage of a duo well schooled in both ’90s alternative rock and modern angst. It’s the convergence of myriad influences — Joy Division and the Dead Kennedys meet famous bassist Gary Karr. And though the sounds of past decades float from the group’s full-length like ghosts of rock ‘n’ roll past, Meltzer and Garcia’s music has a distinctly contemporary and inimitable identity. On Who Are? We Think We Are!, electronic frenzy, punk rock fervor and indie ambience converge, and in an age where it seems like it’s all been done before, Jews and Catholics are an energizing gust of originality.

-by Linnie Greene 


“A Sonic Youth style noisescape from the duo of Alanna Meltzer on upright bass and Eddie Garcia on guitar, vocals and beats…. a sleeper in the hot rod world…. what’s under the hood will blow most away…. It’s hard to believe that these two are creating the monstrous layered soundscapes that are on this disc” J.R. Oliver of

“The duo plays a unique blend of classical, rock and electronica… The instrumentals are fast and well blended with a futuristic, energetic feel…this band has exploded on the scene, playing tons of gigs in Winston-Salem and Greensboro, bringing their music to the masses,” Brittany Smith & Carla Kucinski of GoTriad.

“A dark mix of raging garage rock riffs, smooth, bowed bass runs, and new wave beats and synths — kind of like the Strokes jamming with New Order at Juilliard…. Jew(s) and Catholic(s) performed a mesmerizing, passionate, and well received set,” Matthew S. Maynard of Southeast Performer Magazine.


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